Friday, September 14, 2012

Rah-rah-ah-ah-ah I want your super ra men

I was attracted by this ramen joint purely because of the design and décor and the artisan noodles they serve on the ceramic spoon.
However the type of noodles they serve are not the ones I like so I did not have any expectations for the noodles but just the soup and beef consommé jelly.

They have a factsheet about their noodles and various diameters with the higher the number the thinner the noodles.
I am not sure if my understanding is correct but my interpretation of the description is that the dough is 3cm thick, depth not mentioned and they can cut 26 strands from it which is the thinnest.

So if the dough is 3cm (30mm) ie 30/26= 1.2mm so that’s 1.2mm per strand?? Am I right??
Even for the thickest noodle at 18 strands per 3cm, it is still quite thin if you calculate it.
Anyway, regardless of the calculation, it would be good if you can choose the thickness of the noodle but the article does not mention that so it is probably there for fun.
The numbers remind me of catheter diameters, which are measured by the French scale, or French gauge.

The staff at the joint wear these specially designed trousers that are quite nice, I wouldnt mind having a pair too.
There is a drawer in the table with chopsticks and wet tissues, there was also a rester for the chopsticks which was like a piece of burnt charcoal.
They also had electricity sockets on the floor which I forgot to take a picture.
I was expecting the joint to be big, but inside it is much smaller.
I really liked the chopped chives on top (not be confused with garlic chives [gaau choi]).
The broth had a strong miso taste too.
Cold ramen salad with beef consommé jelly:
The jelly was really cooling and not oily, and there were thinly shredded pieces of guava which were refreshing, and one piece of okra.
The noodles for the cold ramen were too al-dente.
The taste of beef in the consomme was really light that you cannot taste it, but the piece of beef which was similar to corned beef was delicious.
If I do come here next time I would order the noodles with olive oil.

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