Monday, September 17, 2012

Noodles served in a dinky metal pot since 2000 @ 鍋燒麵 - 烏龍苑

烏龍苑 鍋燒麵
After checking the reviews I came here especially for the noodles served in a metal pot.

Not many places in Hong Kong serve these Taiwanese style noodles in a metal pot, although these noodles are a common thing in the Kaoshiang part of Taiwan.

I was more surprised to find out from the reviews that this place has been opened since 2000 but there are not many reviews despite it is within walking distance from Victoria park and Tin Hau MTR.

As a standard, these noodles come in the pot served in a broth and there are so many choices you can pick to go with the noodles.
The size of the metal pot was about 5 inches in diameter (12 cm).
I should have picked the second one because it has pork knuckles and chickens wings but the name did not really mention it so I picked the one with beef balls.
Anyway, the broth was not too salty which was good.
The noodles were interesting because they are different from the Hong Kong ones, they are the ones used in Taiwanese oyster noodles.
At first the noodles were quite hard, after a while they went soft and the noodles had some slippery surface on it which was hard to explain.

I would definately come back for these noodles but the noodles I had this time were rancid, the oily odour had been absorbed by the noodles so they did not taste that pleasant.

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