Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Rice Rolls al-dente style and I like it @ 合益泰小食

Finally found out where this place was located after trying the place for second best rice rolls in SSP.
I missed it on my initial visit because the seating area is behind the counter.

Unfortunately I cannot compare like with like in this case since the rice roll at the other place was different.
Here I just had the plain rice rolls and pork shaomai.
Plain rice rolls
As I do not like the sesame sauce I asked for it without, when it came the rice rolls were in soy sauce. After trying the soy sauce, the soy sauce tasted like watered down soy sauce that was not salty so I added some chilli sauce, soy sauce and sweet sauce from the table to it.

I did not experience the “silkiness” as others described it but it may have been the sesame sauce that gives it this effect.
However the texture of the rice rolls were extremely al-dente and I loved it, it gives me a sense of fullness after I have eaten it.
When noodles/rice are too soft, it feels like you haven’t really eaten anything.
But after a while, the rice rolls get soft after absorbing the soy sauce, so next time I will just ask for PLAIN rice rolls without any sauce so they remain al-dente.
The rice rolls have been rolled really taut and the diameter is slightly smaller than the usual ones.
I will definitely be back for these rice rolls again.
Pork Shaomai:
I did not know they were pork when I ordered them because it just said $9 for 3 and did have any other information on whether it was fish, pork or beef.
The colour of it looked like beef and when I ate it, there were so many pieces of diced shiitake mushrooms and it tasted exactly like the shaomai at Health Works. However the texture of the shaomai here were much chewier and there was lots of flour in the mixture.
After reading the reviews on OpenRice, it appears that it is pork.

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