Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Five spice beef tendon and rice @ Kai Kee Noodle

On my last visit I had the famous noodles mixed with soy sauce and the fried cuttlefish balls with seaweed, this time ordered the beef tendons in five spice powder with rice and the fried cuttlefish and seaweed balls again.
Beef tendons in five spice powder
Chose this because I did not want to eat beef and this dish was just pure tendons.
The portion looked quite small when it arrived but since it tasted nice I would prefer quality than quantity, although you have to becareful with the tendons as they have occaisional pieces of animal hair.
The tendons were so soft and gelatinous.
I was expecting thick sauce, but the sauce they used was the marinade sauce commonly found in Chaozhao lo shui dishes.
It tastes a bit like soy sauce with aniseed.
Fried cuttlefish and seaweed balls
The snacks reminded me of the meal I had at Sun Choo Koon in Tai Kok Tsui because of the cuttlefish and seaweed.
It was just like that cuttlefish patty with seaweed on top and the strong fish and seaweed soup they had.
The cuttlefish balls were really nice because the frying oil was clean, I loved the crispy coating.
To try next time:
Curry wontons.
I wonder if they fried wonton with curry sauce or wontons with curried fillings.

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