Sunday, October 27, 2013

A really nice baked mashed potato 超好味 & 超感動

Had a tasting in the afternoon at the Gold Coast which meant there was no time for lunch and I did not even have breakfast that day.

I was so touched (超感動) that Ivycwk got me a baked mashed potato from Sheung Wan's Tin Lok bakery and brought it all the way to TST where we were going to take the coach to the Gold Coast. The experience was quite fun, just like a school trip!

I ate it before getting on the coach and it was really delicious (超好味)!!
It had some cheese, sliced ham and sweetcorn on top and the mash at the bottom was really nice and tasted like instant mash that was not too buttery.

The sauce that was mixed with the ham and sweet corn that tasted similar to Japanese mayonnaise with a hint of salad cream which had a lovely appetizing taste.
The mash was not too dry either.

There is a Tin Lok bakery in between CWB and WC which is in the middle of no-where, so it is difficult to go to that branch.

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