Monday, October 21, 2013

Dessert corner at Central's Tim Ho Wan

Tim Ho Wan, the Dim-Sum Specialists (Central)
I was intending to go to Veggie Express, but it has packed up unfortunately!

Walked past Tim Ho Wan and discovered that they had a section just for takeaway desserts.

The rolls and glutinous rice balls looked interesting so decided to get them.

Red bean and custard cream roll:

Basically it was custard cream and red bean rolled up on each side.
I only tried the custard side because I don't like red bean.
The custard was quite strong and paired nicely with the soft sticky roll and the sweetness was just right.
Custard snowball:

Tried it chilled and tried it at room temperature.
I preferred it chilled because the custard taste was stronger, the custard in the middle was cooling and the glutinous pastry was chewier.
At room temperature, I could not really taste the custard and the shredded coconut taste was more prominent.

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