Saturday, October 26, 2013

Relaxing lunch at Eden Rose

Eden Rose Restaurant (Causeway Bay)

Thanks to Eden Rose for inviting me again to try their lunch.

On my last tasting I tried their dinners which were good.

Lunch is slightly different, there is no service charge and the lunches range from $78-$108 including a soup/salad and a drink.

Pumpkin soup:

The soup had a nice colour an smell, but it was slightly too creamy.
Panfried barramundi Filet with lemon butter:

The fish was filleted nicely and was intact with no bones.
It had a nice crispy pan fried skin but the sauce was quite creamy and I would have liked the taste of lemon in the lemon butter sauce to be stronger.
Stewed Ox tail in red wine:

The ox tail did not have much meat on it and it was quite fatty, the red wine sauce was nice and rich though.
Strawberry Napolean:

Usually Napoleons are just a rectangular slice but the shape of this one was like a rose which coincides with the name Eden Rose.
It was made with deliciously thin FILO pastry filled with custard, garnished with strawberries.
Lemon sorbet:

The lemon sorbet was refreshing and the sweetness and tartness of the lemon just right.
It was really creative they put the sorbet back on the lemon.

Hot chocolate:


It was a nice balance between coffee and chocolate.

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