Sunday, October 06, 2013

Swissbeck now in Sai Kung

Swissbeck (Sai Kung)

I was quite surprised that Swissbeck opened another branch in Sai Kung!

Anyway decided to check it out.

Compared to Central, the Sai Kung branch is a neat little shop.


They used to be called Cronuts at the Central branch, but they are now called Rohnuts.
The one I got was similar to the one I had in Central but without the strawberries, it was just filled with cream in the middle.
The Rohnut was sweeter and oilier than the one at central, but the taste was nice because the flakey layers made it lighter than a conventional donut.
The cream in the middle was delicious with the chewy flakey rohnut but I would have preferred it if it was dusted with powdered sugar and not granulated sugar because it was quite sweet towards the end.

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