Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Elegant rose

Eden Rose Restaurant (Causeway Bay)

Tried the new menu thanks to 饞餵人.

Here was what we tried:

Cuisine sous vide salmon and urchin with hollandaise:

As well as Maureen's, the sous vide salmon here is divine, the texture is so soft and silky topped with heavenly urchin makes it a perfect match.
The salmon and urchin literally melts in your mouth.
They should make this into a main course!
Beef carpaccio:

The beef carpaccio came with a tube of sauce which delicious, it was strong with lots of mustard seeds, garlic, pesto and basil.
It was lovely for dipping bread too.

The beef carpaccio slices were thin and melts in your mouth paired with delicious grassy rocket leaves.
36 months iberico bellota ham with melon:

The ham had a soft waxy texture and it was not too salty.
Sauteed angel hair in squid ink with scallop:

My favourite combination because I love squid ink and angel hair.
The use of angel hair is the best because each strand is thin so more sauce can adhere to it.
The scallops were nice and tender too.
Roasted iberico pork loin with green Apple salsa n mustard gravy:

I do not normally like pork, but the pork was delicious because it was tender and juicy.
The pork was slightly salted which complimented nicely with the apple salsa.
Roasted US prime t-bone lamb chop with mustard gravy:

The lamb was soft and supple and did not have a gamey taste.
Pan fried white cod with black truffle mashed potato and parsley cream sauce:

I chose this because I wanted to see if it tasted like the fish in parsley sauce at school.
The fish and parsley sauce were great because the fish was chunky and flakey complimented nicely by the creamy parsley sauce.
The mash was too buttery and I would prefer it not so sweet.
Mandarin sorbet:

The taste of this was really strong and sweet.
A must for Kumquat lovers.
In conclusion, my favourite dishes in the tasting were the squid ink pasta, pork loin with apple salsa and the sous vide salmon.

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