Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Bing style apple pie

Mr. Bing (Central)

Shortly after making their Bings cheaper, they now offer breakfast bings and bings for the afternoon.

I was attracted to the apple and cinnamon so got it right away.

New bings:For breakfast, they have cheese, egg and ham or cheese, egg and sausage.

For the afternoon they have the new nutella or apple and cinnamon.

Apple and cinnamon bing being made:
Basically they make it the same way as the savoury bings.
Kaya is added on to the bing.

Then the slices of apple, crisp and then cinnamon powder are added.

The cinnamon powder that they use is contained in a nice golden container and surprisingly it is a local brand because it looks quite American.

After all the elements are added, it is folded into a crepe shape.
Apple and cinnamon bing:

Had to wait for the Bing too cool down because it was too hot initially to hold or eat it.
Once it cooled down I took a bite.
All the elements in the Bing tasted delicious.
It tasted like McDonald's apple pie because of the crispy bits acted like the outside of the pie and the Kaya, fresh apple slices and strong cinnamon were just like the filling in the pie.
I would prefer less of the Kaya because the Kaya can be quite sweet.

I can't wait to try their breakfasts, but the good news is that the ham and cheese might be available all day and not just for breakfast!

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