Thursday, October 03, 2013

Delicious African lunches

Lunches here are great but I never happen to be in Central during the weekdays so I miss out on so much delicious food in Central.

The lunch here is really cheap too, the basic one is only $85.

Anyway, it is best to phone before coming to check what is available.

As no one has discovered this place for lunch or they are too scard to try, the place was nice and quiet, but in the evenings the scene is totally different from a quiet scene to a party scene.

Nice lounge for medium sized groups.

They have some special Killer drinks too with super hot colourful chilis in the alchohol.

Initially they were doing the French African buffet but I missed that, so now they are doing an African buffet for lunch which is just as good because I like African food as well.

Chili sauce:

A chili sauce that really packs a punch, but this is not their spiciest.

This was chicken stew cooked with vegetables such as cabbages, carrots and tomato.
It was a nice dish to go with the rice.
Rice with peas and carrots:

The rice was quite simple and I would have preferred something more sophisticated such as the coloured rices they eat in Africa.

This was beef shin cooked in delicious peanut sauce! It tastes nothing like Satay sauce which is good and the beef was really soft and gelatinous.
Although I do not like beef, this was my favourite dish and I had lots of it.

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