Thursday, October 24, 2013

Extra large breakfast at The Queen Victoria

The Queen Victoria (Wan Chai)

Had a craving for Black pudding so came here for the extra large breakfast!

It is quite interesting that no one dares to try this place because most of the reviews are written by me.

Their menu has been redesigned with some new items on the menu including roast beef.

The waitress on this visit was a bit impatient and the air conditioning was too cold to the extent that a person from the UK complained.

You can imagine how cold the air con would be if someone from the cold part of the world complains.

Extra large breakfast:

On the plate, there were 3 eggs, 3 rashers, 3 sausages, button mushrooms, half a tomato, chips, and baked beans.
It used to come with a drink but now it does not.

The eggs were a little bit over done because some of the egg white was crispy, but as usual the sausage and black pudding were great.
The chips looked better this time but I did not like them because they were too crispy and hollow inside.
The bacon was a bit soft but the sausages was meaty with lots of herbs.

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