Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Japanese cheesecakes made with award winning cheeses

Arome bakery has launched a new cheesecake series made with cheese from Japan.
What makes the cheeses so special is that they come from Hanabatake Farm, and each of the cheeses are award winners from the 「ALL JAPAN Natural Cheese Contest」.

The two cheeses used in the cheesecakes are:
raclette cheese
- Awarded as the No 1 cheese in Japan in the 「ALL JAPAN Natural Cheese Contest」.
camembert cheese
- Awarded as the Premium cheese in Japan in the 「ALL JAPAN Natural Cheese Contest」.

There are three cheesecakes in the range:
raclette cheesecake, souffle cheesecake, and sponge cheesecake.

There is bound to be a cheesecake for everyone because when the bloggers voted for their favourites, each cheesecake had a fair distribution of people who liked it.
My favourite would be the Raclette cheesecake because it tastes like Western cheesecakes and the second favourite would be the sponge cheesecake which has a cakey texture.
Raclette cheesecake 濃烤芝士蛋糕:
(made with raclette cheese)

This was my favourite because it had a savoury layer of grilled raclette cheese on top and it was dense and mildly crumbly just how it should be.
There was a hint of lemon in it too which tasted like UK's Marks and Spencers lemon cheesecake.
Souffle cheesecake 日式梳乎厘芝士蛋糕:
(made with camembert cheese)

Hong Kongers are going to like this because in general they prefer Japanese food and the texture of this is light, soft and very crumbly because it did not hold together well.
It was my least favourite because the taste was rather buttery and I prefer a more hearty Western style cheesecake like the raclette cheesecake above.
Sponge cheesecake 海綿芝士蛋糕:
(made with camembert cheese)

For beginners to cheesecakes, they can try this because the taste of cheese is extremely light and the texture is just like a mildy dense moist cake.
As well as the cheesecakes, there is also the hojicha caramel cheesecake 焙じ茶焦糖 which is going to be launched soon made with award winning Fresh caramel, awarded the Grand golden award by Monde Selection for three consecutive years since 2011.
Although I have not tried this yet, but I think it should taste nice because caramel can't go wrong.

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