Thursday, October 17, 2013

Crab Noodle (Central)

I was attracted to this newly opened place because of the spinach noodles so went there.

It was located on the ground floor of Haleson Building which I have never even heard of.
When I got there, the building was kind of old so it was surprising there was a noodle restaurant in there.
There were quite a few customers there already.

I recognised one of the staff which happens to be from Pung Pung noodles in MK.

It just shows that the same creativity attracts the same people who admired it before.

Now, with a similar shop in Central, it allows more creativity because people are willing to pay more and expect more creative food.

For each of the choices there are five types of noodles to choose from: spinach, tomato, soba, egg or Yunnan thick rice noodles.
I chose the fresh crab in spinach soup with spinach noodles and soba noodles with crab wontons.

The drinks selection was good too, it was hard to choose because you can't try them elsewhere.

crab in spinach soup with spinach noodles:

The spinach noodles that I had were different to the previous review because they changed it that day.
Judging by the photos, the previous ones were probably more al-dente.
The noodles were garnished with crabmeat, sweetcorn, fish roe and fried beancurd skin.
The soup was lovely and green with blended spinach in it, at first it was thick but towards the end, it went runny.

I would advise eating the crabmeat first before it disappears in the broth and you can't see it.

The the spinach soup was delicious, it was similar to cream of spinach soup but without the cream with finely grounded spinach.
The spinach noodles were also good too because it hung more soup to it as well.
soba noodles with crab wontons:

The crab wontons were also nice but I preferred the spinach soup above.
The broth was good with a strong crab taste and the wontons had some fresh crabmeat inside.

Sweetcorn drink:

The sweetcorn drink was boiled with sweetcorn and sweetcorn tassels to give it an intense sweetcorn flavour.
At the bottom of the drink, there were sweetcorn pieces too.
It was a little bit too sweet at first but after the ice melted the sweetness was just right.
While I was there, they were already being interviewed, so this place is going to be pretty busy!

The sesame oil they have here is really strong!!

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