Saturday, October 12, 2013

Delicious alcohol infused mini cupcakes

Thanks to Illiana for these amazingly cute cupcakes by Guilty Little Pleasures!
The size of these are so cute which allows you to try more flavours because they are bite-sized.
Inside, it has gorgeous alcoholic jam.

I tried the Lime and Ginger and the Chocolate and Baileys.
Lime and Ginger:
The Lime and ginger was visually colourful with edible glitter and a wedge of lime on top!
I loved the way, the lime is actually there for you to squeeze lime juice on the cake making it tangy, and the apple cider jam inside the cake paired it nicely.
Chocolate and Baileys:
The chocolate cake was lovely and rich filled with Scottish Black Isle Organic Beer jam but I would have liked the Baileys and beer jam to be stronger.
The bronzed chocolate on top made it look classy.
I wonder where I will see them next at Stanley market or East Island market's BestBevHk stall?

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  1. Our next event will be on Nov 2nd at IEM! You can try our beers by ordering online at -- Bestbev Team


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