Friday, October 18, 2013

Eggspected to revisit Eggspectation again

Eggspectation (Tsuen Wan)

I absolutely adore this cute and colourful joint but frankly it is too far away.

Recently found out there were two new flavours which motivated me to trek all the way to Tsuen Wan.

New items:
Pandan flavoured waffles and eggettes

New beverages

New smaller box that fits the eggettes better!
Left: old box, Right: new box

Pandan kaya eggettes:

This is the second pandan eggette I have tried, the first one was at Tai O.
The one here is not green which is good because it means there is no artificial flavouring.
It would be great if the pandan flavouring could be stronger because the coconut taste was more prominent.
Egg custard eggettes:

These were fantastic and not too sweet with lots of egg custard in the middle!
Stayed tuned for Halloween because they are pumped up for Pumpkin eggettes!

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