Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Super stingy sliced cakes @ C'est la B

C'est la B (Tsim Sha Tsui)
Decided to try out this new branch of C'est la B because they serve Bento Boxes that are not served in other branches.

They also serve some of the larger cakes by slice.

The decor is consistently the same as the other branches, black and white, colourful with lots of butterflies.

Same as the other branches, the cakes are not labelled so you need to ask about each one and hopefully the staff are patient enough to explain it to you.

When I entered the shop, I was greeted with one of the staff who was not very welcoming, she just had this look on her face, can you afford it and hope you leave.
Anyway, I wanted to try the Lollipop cake but it was sold out, so I asked what the other sliced cake was, and she said it was Pandan.
Slc Eleanor (as stated on the receipt):

I did not know the name of the cake until I got the receipt. All I knew was that it was pandan, but anyway, I have got tastebuds so I could taste there were cornflakes, coconut flakes, toasted coconut flakes, cream and marshmallows.
It was a nice cake with cornflakes in the middle which were slightly chewy but I think they were meant to be crunchy.
Overall, the cake tasted ok but the cake slice was not very big.
For the 1000g cake, it costs about $960, so thats about 12 slices, and the 500g cake costs $580 so thats about 7 slices if they cost $80 per slice here.

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