Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Turkish delights! at Turkish Analya

Turkey Antalya (Mong Kok)

Thanks to 饞餵人 and Turkey Antalya restaurant for organizing this tasting.

Turkey Antalya is a private restaurant located in a commerical building right in the heart of Mong Kok.

Although the restaurant and kitchen is small, they were able to cater for a birthday party that day as well as our tasting.

Here was what we tried:
Roasted Tender Chicken Stuffed with Red Rice in Mersin Style $236:

This was a whole roasted chicken stuffed with rice and herbs.
It is called red rice because of the herbs.
The chicken was tender with crispy skin and the rice was rich in herbs and spices but just a tad too salty in my opinion.
There was yoghurt and salad to complement the chicken as well.
Mektup Böreği:
Fried cheese and yoghurt (pre-order needed)

I loved the cheese and yoghurt which was wrapped in crispy pastry.
The cheese is not that strong and similar to cottage cheese.
Mussels and Rice with Tomatoes Sauce - Midye Dolma (pre order needed)

The rice was similar to the rice in the chicken dish above but it did not taste that strong which was a good balance with the mussels because the taste of that was light and there were pieces of aubergines in it too.
It would be great if the mussels could have been detached from the shell or placed above the rice.
Turkish Grilled Meatball 6oz and Lamb Sis kebab 6oz

This meat was a bit heavy for me and it was slightly dry and hard.
Manti (Lamb/Beef)

These were cute deep fried wontons, which were really similar to the Xiamen style mini wontons.
The turkish style ones were tastier as they had tomato sauce and yoghurt dressing.
Once you start on them, you can't stop.
Buttered rice

Simple but delicious buttered rice!
Rose Pudding

It had strong rose flavour, perfect for rose lovers but since I do not like rose I can't comment but I just felt that the sweetness could be toned down.

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