Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Peach champagne cake @ LGB Cafe

LGB Cafe (Central)
There are not many branches of LGB in Hong Kong and when I am in central, there are so many other temptations that take me away.

On this visit, I tried the Peach Champagne which was the only interesting item in the cabinet.

Peach Champagne:
Mousse cake with ripe blushing peaches, champagne jelly.

For a decent place like this, I was surprised the jelly finishing was not so good.
The surface had tiny craters just like the moon.

Overall the cake was quite nice, but there was no champagne taste, the peach taste was weak, and the jelly on top tasted like strawberry jelly.

I felt that the cream stole the show because it was thick and creamy, a bit like clotted cream with a hint of mascarpone cheese in it and it is made in house at LGB.

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