Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Your salad at Great Food Hall

Great Food Hall (Admiralty)

As well as this is place, Mxtrxpolitxn Cxfe in Admiratly which has bad customer service offers tossed salads.

The salad here is cheaper but there are less items to choose from some such as sweet mandarin slices and parma ham.

My salad:

Although the choices for the salad are not as good as Mxtrxpolitxn Cxfe, there were more beans to choose from and greens too.
The sauce I chose was the Asian sauce which is savoury with a hint of sesame oil.
The spinach leaves, sweet peas and beetroot tasted lovely with that sesame dressing, and the cheese I chose gave it an extra touch of saltiness, while the beans were there just for extra protein.

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