Saturday, October 12, 2013

Veggie Burger at Triple O's

Triple O's Hong Kong (Admiralty)

Havent tried the Veggie burger at Triple O's, so decided to try it.

In terms of price, it was very expensive and so are a lot of other places that sell the veggie burger.

Veggie burger:

It was wrapped just the same as other burgers at Triple O's with a slice of guerkin on top.

The patty was made of rice and vegetables.

The veggie patty was extremely disappointing because the rice in the patty was hard and it was similar to a rice burger.
The taste was bland and tasteless.


There could have been more gravy but the gravy was quite salty and the cheese was tasteless mozzarella and not cheese curds.

Breakfast tea:

Luckily there was nice tea to end it!

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