Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hairy crab feast @ Tsui Hang Village

Tsui Hang Village (Causeway Bay)

This is my first Hairy Crab meal this year thanks to Tsui hang Village.

To be honest, I have never been or heard of Tsui Hang Village because I don't often eat Chinese food.
At the Lee Theatre branch, there is an exclusive dessert counter which has an array of attractive Chinese desserts.
If Hairy Crabs are not your thing, there is a cute complimentary steamed piggy bun for people who have dim sum for lunch.

Roast pork:

To start our meal, we had the roast pork which is their signature dish, it is different from other restaurants because it comes with beans in sweet honey sauce.
Some people will order this dish just for those beans.
The roast pork was meaty with an even fat distribution and the taste was just right, not too salty or sweet.
Steamed egg white topped with hairy crab roe:

Before this tasting, I perceived Tsui Hang Village as a really traditional Chinese restaurant.
The presentation of this surprised me because it was presented in a nice modern glass.
Initially I thought it was a cold, but it was hot, it was steamed egg white at the bottom with delicious starchy hairy crab roe on top which tasted a bit like egg yolk with hints of strong crab taste too.
Deep fried wheat buns served with hairy crab roe:

This was delicious, the crab roe did not contain crab shell fragments.
I would have preferred toast or baguette to go with it because the wheat buns were slightly sweet but it was made with wheat so that it is slightly healthier.
Braised rice pudding with hairy crab roe and mushroom:

This is basically stir fried Shanghai style rice cakes in thick crab roe.
The Shanghai style rice cakes I have tried before were tasteless so I was surprised the rice cakes here were quite tasty covered in tasty crab roe with fragrant mushrooms.
Sauteed pea sprouts with hairy crab roe:

It was nice simple sauteed pea sprouts topped with hairy crab roe, a nice option for some vegetables and crab roe.
The pea sprouts were cooked nicely, it had a slight crunch without being too grassy and the crab roe for this dish does not contain as much oil as the other crab roe options.
Steamed Dutch hairy crab:

At Tsui Hang Village, they have professionals to help you the crabs which is great for non crustean experts like me!
The crab roe was thick and starchy but my favourite part was the sticky white bit near the shell.
For the first hairy crab of the year, the crab roe tasted great as there is nothing else to compare it too, but I do remember some other ones a few years ago being more vibrant in colour.
Fried glutinous rice with assorted air dried meat:

To finish off the meal, there was glutinous rice. I liked the preserved sausages with blood but I have never been the person for air dried meats because it has a strange aroma which is fragrant to the locals.
Piglet shaped Steamed buns filled with purple potato:

This is really cute and cruel to eat!
Strangely enough, the yellow colour didn't feel odd but if it was pink, the perception would have been more weird.
Anyway, I loved the steamed bun because it was soft, firm with some chew, and inside it was filled with natrual sweet potato which was not too sweet.
Chilled strawberry puddings:

I liked the clear jelly on the top which made the strawberry pieces striking with a modern twist.
However it was a bit too sweet.
Sago dumplings filled with chestnut:

The exterior of these dumplings were made of sago pearls infused together which were quite chewy after it was steamed, inside there was smooth chestnut paste.

To compliment the crabs, there was Chinese liquor which was mega strong, I could already feel its alcohol content when the glass was about 5cm from my mouth!
It was fun adding preserved plum to it which added salty and sour tones to the liquor.

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