Sunday, October 06, 2013

French style gnocchi

Le Bonbon de Paris (Sai Kung)

Even though I have had a lot of French food, I never knew they had gnocchi.

Since France is big, there are quite a few regional variations and one of them is quite amusing literally meaning dog poop [gnocchi de tantifla a la nissarda - "la merda dé can"!]

Anyway at Le Bonbon, there were there was either gnocchi in creamy sauce or gnocchi in bolognaise sauce.

I tried the creamy sauce one so next time I will try the bolognaise one.
Gnocchi in creamy sauce:

The sauce was extremely creamy and heavy with generous pieces of bacon.
Best to be shared because the portion can be quite big.
I think the bolognaise one will not be so heavy.

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