Friday, October 25, 2013

Ouch! That curry was hot at China-T

China-T Restaurant Company Limited (Central)
I have always wanted to try this place because their curries are topped with seaweed.

As well as curries, their broth is famous too.

Curry beef belly:

The seaweed topped on the curry was interesting but did not really enhance the taste of the curry.
The curry turned out too spicy so I had the noodles instead.
Noodles in broth:

I did not like the broth initially because it smelt of pork that was not fresh.
But after a few sips, my tastesbuds gradually got accustomed to this taste and it was not that bad.
The noodles were soft and absorbed the broth nicely and there were lots of Chinese cabbage in the broth.
Customer service at these places are quite rushed, so expect the waiter to walk off on you during ordering if you can't decide!

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