Saturday, October 26, 2013

Thanksgiving dinner 2013 at Fat Angelo's

Fat Angelo's (Tsim Sha Tsui)

Thanks to 為食小豆 and Fat Angelo's for inviting me to this Thanksgiving dinner preview.

Thanksgiving is an important festival to the Americans.

I found out about Thanksgiving dinner through reviews in 2011 but since the reviews were written afterwards, I missed it and had to wait until 2012 when I tried my first Thanksgiving meal at Blue Smoke BBQ.

I did not see any reviews on Thanksgiving for Fat Angelo's so I did not know they had it as well.

I love Thanksgiving dinners because it is similar to our British Christmas dinner with roast turkey and stuffing.

Fat Angelo's used to be one of the restaurants I go for comfort foods.
There used to be a lot of branches in Central, Wan Chai and TKO which have not closed down.

Since then I have not dined at Fat Angelo's because I have been exploring food all over Hong Kong.

For Thanksgiving at Fat Angelo's you can either dine there for $368 per person (28-29 November) or order the Take Home version which is for 8 people ($1788).
The take home dinner is available from now until the 25th November 2013 with *FREE delivery service in *selected areas.
The meal includes:
Freshly Baked Bread l Italian Salad
Slow Roasted Turkey
Savory Stuffing l Mashed Potatoes
Candied Yams l Autumn Vegetables
Cranberry Sauce l Turkey Gravy
Pumpkin Pie

Here is what we had:

Freshly baked bread
{delicious crusty bread which was soft in the middle, great dipping with the vinegar and olive oil}

Gammon ham
{Juicy thick cut gammon ham that was not too salty}

Cranberry sauce
{I loved this sauce which was amazing with the turkey, whole plump cranberries that were not too sweet.}

Juicy turkey
{The white meat was amazingly juicy and soft}

{Not the same as British stuffing but I liked the herbs and pieces of bread in it}

Candied Yams
{Delicious sweet and mushy yams}


{a nice variety of greens, cauliflower and broccoli}
Mashed potato

{creamy buttery mash}
Pumpkin pie
{lovely pumpkin pie with a strong kick of cinnamon}

Pasta with white truffle (this was not part of Thanksgiving but we tried it as well).
{The white truffle was strong and there were generous slices of it, however the sauce was too creamy for my liking}

Thanks to this tasting I have been rekindled with the delicious food at FA which I once loved and forgotten.
I will come back and try their new items which were not on the menu before.

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