Tuesday, October 15, 2013

SF bowl mission failed @ Little Burro

Little Burro (Causeway Bay)

Ever since I found out about this new place, I have been itching to go.
On the first two attempts it was closed.

Since I read their latest update that day saying "they've got all the ingredients to roll through the week" I decided to give it a visit. The last item I was expecting them to run out was the sour cream.

I decided to get the bowl and for the fillings I was deciding whether I should get the Barbacoa beef or the vegetarian black beans with guacamole, but in the end I chose the beef because for the choice of beans you can only choose black beans or borracho beans with bacon.
If I was on a strict vegetarian diet then it would be a double dose of black beans which would be a very boring choice.

After paying for the order, the bowl was being made with cilantro rice being put on the bottom, then romaine lettuce, then the vegetables and then the beef and cheese.
She then passed it over to me, so I pointed to the sour cream because there is supposed to be sour cream but she did not put any. She told me it was all finished which really annoyed me.

Frankly, it's a bit dry without sour cream and incomplete.

I was really annoyed because if I knew before paying, I would have happily come back another day and this would have been a positive review.

After some complaining, I was grateful she forced the remaining sour cream out of the bottle.

It would have been totally crap if there was no sour cream, its like having beef with gravy without the gravy.

The sour cream was not really sufficient but the sour cream on the previous review was stingy too.
I requested for a bit of guacamole because the rice was a bit dry and she said she could not give me that because it's expensive.
In that case, if they don't have sour cream, maybe they should reduce the bill!!?

The bowl:
The taste was similar to the Taco rice at Wired Cafe, but Wired Cafe fared slightly better because it had generous cheese and sour cream on top.The bowl was not bad, but it would have tasted better with more sour cream and the beef was quite dry and tough.
The rice beneath it was soft and fluffy just like Indian long grain rice with lots of cilantro in it.
Cilantro rice:

The bowl was not that filling so I ordered extra rice and had it with the siraicha sauces on the table.

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