Friday, October 11, 2013

Pandora's box at Le Salon Restaurant et Croissanterie

Le Salon Restaurant et Croissanterie (Causeway Bay)

Been to Le Salon Croissanterie numerous times for their delicious croissants but I have never actually been to Le Salon Restaurant where they serve French food with some fusion.

Le Salon Restaurant serves French food while Le Salon Croissanterie specializes in French croissants.

Le Salon Restaurant is black and classy on the outside with a narrow entrance where the waitors greet you.
The walls of the entrance are black with white light bulbs shining through which reminds me of the cabaret.

At Le Salon Restaurant, the menu comprises of 2-course and 3-course lunch sets, afternoon tea sets, dinner sets and weekend brunches at reasonable prices.
As I have not dined at Le Salon Restaurant, I discovered that the dishes were more affordable than I thought because of the chic decor and entrance.

I tried some of the items on the new autumn culinary delights menu.

We sat in a plush private room which had a beautiful shadow of a chandelier which blended wonderfully with the wallpaper.

Here was what I tried:
Amuse Bouche:

This was quail egg with crab salad.
A light amuse bouche to tease the palette.
Duo De Salmon:
Salmon Tartar with Lychee Jelly & Sugar Cured Salmon Flavoured with Pernod, Dill and Cucumber Jelly

The Duo De Salmon was one of the new autumn dishes which was presented on a plate with delicate pieces scattered just like the way leaves have fallen in the autumn.
I started off with the salmon tartar because it had a thin layer of appealing lychee jelly on top which gave a refreshing taste with the salmon tartar.
Next I tried the sugar cured salmon which had a nutty tone complemented by the cucumber jelly.
Marseille bouillabaisse:
Delicious fish soup with tiger prawns, mussels, fish, fillet, saice rouille and crispy baguette.

The soup is served separately so that it remains hot and the baguette is still crispy.

The fish soup was lovely and strong complemented by prawn, squid and mussel.
It had a strong unami taste and the baguette was delicious when it soaked the soup.
Turbot fish:
Pan fried fish fillet with burn butter sauce and sauteed spring vegetables

It was nice the turbot was just simply pan fried, the fish skin was crispy while the fish was delicate and flakey paired with the crunchy lotus root slices.
Wagyu beef Bourguignon:
Slow cooked Wagyu Beef cheeks with red wine and beef stock

The beef was soft and gelatinous which went perfectly with the silky mash beneath it and the gravy was nice and rich.
There were chunks of delicious carrot and mushroom making it hearty.
Suckling Pig in Two Ways:
Crispy Pig & Glazed Pancetta, Served on Sweet Potato Puree and Pommery Sauce

The crispy pig was delicate with a crisp skin, while the pork beneath it was so soft that it melts in your mouth.
The other piece was more substantial with a stronger and meatier mouth feel.
Chocolate Glazed Caramel Banana Tart Amaretto Crumble Vanilla Ice Cream

The caramel banana tart was divine, with fresh pieces of banana slices beneath the gorgeous caramel on top which was not too sweet.
The icecream was coated with delicious amaretto crumble giving it a nice buttery nutty tone.
Brulee Waffle:

I was surprised by the brulee waffle because brulee tasted just like custard on top of the which was not too sweet. The waffle texture was soft and airy.

Chestnut croissant:
As always, the chestnut croissant tastes good because the chestnut paste in the middle is silky smooth and not starchy.
White truffle croissant:
This was a savoury croissant with white ham and truffle.
The white truffle taste was intense brought out nicely by the creamy sauce inside.
Rum and raisin croissant:
I loved this croissant which reminded me of the raspberry yoghurt one they are currently serving now.
It was rum and raisin icecream inside the croissant an the rum taste was quite strong.

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