Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Quick cuppa at Spade by Lassana

Spade by Lassana (Mong Kok)

Had a tasting nearby, so came to Lassana's for a quick drink.

Had my favourite Breakfast tea.

After I sat down, I was gutted when I saw the menu!
There were some NEW items that I really wanted to try but couldn't because I was just about to go to a tasting!
I really wanted to try the macaroni in lobster sauce and the black and white burgers with beef and crab patties respectively.

Breakfast tea:

Compared to my last visit, the milk is now served separately which is good.
When I first tried this particular brand of breakfast tea, I thought my tastesbuds were going funny because it tasted a bit like oyster, but this time it still had that oyster taste which was interesting.
At a recent tasting, I was really lucky to try this Oyster leaf which tastes exactly like an oyster so after trying that, the tea did not taste so weird.
Basically, the tea was better this time as the milk was served separately.
I just felt that the tea was not hot enough.

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