Friday, October 18, 2013

Not Breakfast at Tiffany's but Breakfast at Bing's

As well as delicious afternoon Bings, they have breakfast Bings!

There were two which I wanted to try: Ham and cheese, sausage and egg.

Initially I ordered the ham and cheese but then I had second thoughts and got the sausage and egg as well.

Ham and cheese bing:
They are made in the same was as the usual bings.

They put fried eggs in the Bing which is slightly quicker than cracking an egg on the Bing!

As a signiature, all the bings have a piece of crisp in it.

The ham and cheese bing was delicious, the wrap tastes much better than bread because it is thinner so there is more proportion of ham and cheese.
The piece of crisp in the bing is further enhanced by the cheese making it taste like a cheese cracker.
Sausage and cheese bing:

Sausage patties in the container.

The sausage and egg bing is made in a similar way.

Again, this tastes similar to McD's egg and sausage muffin but better because the Bing crepe is much lighter than a muffin.
The crispy piece in the middle makes it more interesting and makes the bing more rigid in terms of structure.
I liked the breakfast bings because they were minimalistic, there were no extra sauces, it was just the crepe, egg, crispy piece and the ingredients.
Hopefully I can get motivated another morning to get them again.
This time I will get the cheese and ham with an extra piece of sausage patty.
老金煎餅 Mr. Bing
Shop 6C, Southorn Centre, 113 Johnston Road, Wan Chai
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