Wednesday, October 02, 2013

The best Hot Wraps from Pret A Manger

Pret A Manger
I wish I knew about these Hot Wraps before because they were friggin delicious.

There is a narrow heated cabinet with these hot wraps which is why I didn't really notice them before.

There are four flavours in Hong Kong:
Barbecue Pulled Pork Hot Wrap
Salmon Fish Cake Hot Wrap
Sweet Potato Falafel Hot Wrap
Pret's Meatball Hot Wrap

In UK they have:
BBQ Pulled Pork Hot Wrap
Swedish Meatball Hot Wrap

Sweet Potato Falafel Hot Wrap:
(Falafel, emmenthal, pepper, onion, chili tomato sauce)

These wraps are seriously hot when you take them from the tray.
After unwrapping it, the smell was gorgeous, it smelt of Tex Mex chili con carne.

The wrap was slightly crispy and chewy and the filling was deliciously hot with starchy beans and falafel.
Salmon Fish Cake Hot Wrap:
(salmon, potato mash, soya bean, emmenthal, red onions, honey mustard mayo)

This wrap was also impressive because there was delicious creamy mashed potatoes in the middle with stringy emmenthal cheese.

Along with that, there were chunks of flakey salmon.

Each bite was delicious because the tangy honey mustard sauce complemented the salmon and balanced the creamy mash perfectly.
Both of the wraps above are irrititingly delicious and addictive!

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