Tuesday, March 11, 2014

$200 spending spree at Maison Eric Kayser

Went to their opening earlier this year and was given a $200 gift voucher to spend at this branch on their bakery items or dine in.

Anyway, as this was a gift voucher, it is not applicable to tick tasting, group-buy or credit card offer, which is why this is not a review.

Since I had this generous $200 voucher gift, I decided to get a variety of bakery items and share the experience on OpenRice.

I chose the chocolate eclair $35, pistachio eclair $35, clafoutis $38, pistachio and apricot tart $38, Lemon meringue $44 and a bun for $10 amounting to $199.

I tried to use the $200 voucher and they said that I could not use it because the bill was under $200.
It was a bit stupid because I am sure Eric Kayser gave this to us as a gift and not to cause inconvenience to the recipients or their staff.
Furthermore, the coupon does not even say you have to spend more than $200.
They should have been happy that it was below $200 anyway.

Anyway, here are the terms on the voucher which I tried to explain to the cashier but they just wouldn't agree.

*Only applicable to Maison-Eric Kayser Artisan Boulanger Café
*Only applicable to a single time spending on Maison Eric Kayser Artisan Boulanger Café
*Not applicable to use in conjunction with other promotional offers
*Not redeemable for cash

Also on the coupon, it says that you can contact Olivier Candiotti on 2178 2566 for assistance regarding this coupon.

Luckily I spotted the 4GB USB for $58, so I got two of those and two cherry clafoutis for $200!

Eric Kayser 4GB USB key:

Cherry Clafoutis tart:

The cherry clafoutis tasted better than I expected because it was quite acidic complemented by the sweet tart base and there were so many cherries in it.
Price: $200
Service: ???
Yummy factor: ok
Sweetness levels: just right
English Menu: Yes

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