Sunday, March 23, 2014

My new home for Beijing style food

Every expat is going to fall in love with this place because the interior and details are so intricate.

There is not a single spot that is not decorated.
The toilets were classic labelled with old Chinese terminology.

There were old ceramic barrels for wine.

By the elevators, they had these really cool wax paper umbrellas which really tempt you to open them!!!

Clearly I was going to like this place because the camera bag I had was a silk bag that I got from those tourists stalls selling Chinese stuff to Westerners.

Anyway, I took a picture because the patterns and colours of my camera bag matched the bowls and plates.

At every table, there were goldfishes!!!

Video of the goldfishes!!

It was definitely amazing dining here because the food and environment was good.
I got two surprises because one of the desserts was one that I have always wanted to try and the other was watermelon radish which I've always wanted to order but didn't know the Chinese for it.

Here was what we tried:
Menu name [Mixed potato, SPotato, pork soup]
八王爺亂燉湯 HK$108

The soup was different to what I was expecting because it was just like vegetable soup with meat.
It had pork meatballs, glass vermicelli, beans, egg, tomato, aubergines and potatoes.
I was quite surprised they had glass vermicelli in Beijing style food.
As for the taste it was quite appetizing because the tomato and vegetable taste was quite strong.
The pork meatballs were surprisingly good too because they were fresh.
Pork Lungs in Chili Sauce:
夫妻肺片 HK$86

I am not a person for organs, but the lungs had no foul smell and it was deliciously flavoured by the Sichuan peppercorns and spices.
Jellyfish with Black Vinegar:
老醋哲頭 HK$109

This was my favourite, when it came, you could smell the cucumber and sesame oil.
Each piece of jellyfish was chunky and fully flavoured by the vinegar without being over powered by the sesame oil.
Marinated watermelon radish
老家心靈美 HK$78

I have always wanted to try this but not many places serve it and I did not know the Chinese for it.
It is called Watermelon radish in English, also known as Rooseheart or Red Meat, a species of Chinese Daikon radish.
There was no distinctive taste but it was crunchy with a hint of sweetness and tangy vinegar, great for soothing the palate after some spicy food!
Fried Fish with pomelo Sauce
老家柚子魚 HK$268

The fried fish was soft and supple complemented by the fruity pomelo sauce.
Fried Lettuce roots HK$88

These lettuce roots were nice and simple, great for toning down all that tasty food.
Lamb Served with Pancakes
塞外羊肉 HK$296

The pancakes were quite interesting because it looked like an Indian roti, but the dough seemed to be dense in the middle and not as fluffy as it should be.
Fried chicken with chili (New dish)
大紅袍宮雞 HK$198

The fried chicken was divine! It was crispy but still juicy and springy.
It is not spicy at first but then there is a mild spicy aftertaste that does not linger for a long time.
Noodles with Spring Onion, Chilli and Soya Sauce HK$176

I was surprised with these noodles because I tried a similar thing at Biang and the oil reeked, but here the noodles were aromatic and you could taste fresh oil complemented by crunchy diced spring onions.
油撥麵 means putting boiling oil in the noodles.
Strawberry Braised in honey HK$68

This was the moment I was waiting for!!

I loved the complicated strands of caramelized sugar interwined together.
Each strawberry was caramelized and encased in a hard golden sugar shell.
Sweet potato and almond pie:

I loved the starchy sweet potato pies with crispy toasted almonds on the side.
Souffle egg white balls with hawthorn paste

I love souffle egg white balls but most restaurants fill them with mango or red beans which I do not like.
Here they filled them with Hawthorn which was sticky and sweet.
I am glad I found another good place for Beijing style cuisine and plan to try their Causeway Bay branch.

Restaurant: Beijing Home
2/F, Humphrey's Building, 11 Humphreys Avenue, Tsim Sha Tsui

Causeway Bay branch:
Shop R3, 7F Island Beverley, 1 George Street.

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