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The BEST dim sum in Hong Kong

Dragon I
At night, this is a thriving swanky chic club, in the day it is a classy restaurant for quality dim sums.

It is reassuring to see that 80% of the patrons are expats.
Although most expats are in Central, you don't find a majority of them in other Chinese restaurants which means this place is good!

I used to think the dim sums at Loyal dining and Loong Toh Yuen were good but the ones here are amazing, almost everything you order turns out great whereas at the other dim sum places, there are only one or two that are good.
I was surprised they are nominated in the Michelin nor in openrice's latest list because Dragon i dates back to 1967 way before I was born!!

As this restaurant is a nightclub at night, you would expect unpleasant smells from spilt drinks/alcohol/vomit but there were none.

However they do use aroma essences which make me dizzy.

Basically they serve all you can eat dim sum at $198 per person with nice ambiance because you don't get surrounded by loud chatter and clinking ceramics!
The best part is that you don't need to rinse anything!
Pity I did not discover this place earlier because it was cheaper before and I have been here so many times.

The quality is not as consistent as I would have hoped but the in general, the food quality is better than the dim sums elsewhere.

The staff here speak good English and are very attentative and they even refill your cups of tea as well.

I loved the huge oriental black teapot with flowers which was so classic and it holds a lot of tea in it too.

Fried crab claws:

It was a treat having these for dim sum because you usually find them in Chinese banquets and not served a la carte.
It was big and surprisingly filled with quality REAL crabmeat and prawn patty.
Again it was delicious when their frying oil was fresh.

complimentary chili sauces that goes well with all their dim sums and enhances the taste.

The jellyfish appetizer was divine, it was chunky pieces of jellyfish head which have a meatier texture soaked in their aromatic sesame and chili sauce seasoning.
Rice rolls with roast pork:
The best of the best here!!
They have joined forces with Joy Hing roast who are famous for roast pork!!

The rice rolls were truly delicious as well because of the thinly sliced roast pork from JH inside wrapped tautly in the delicious THIN and al dente rice rolls skin paired with their delicious sweet soy sauce!!
From the photo you can see how translucent the rice roll skin was.
Fried crab dumplings:

This was similar to the crab claws, but it had more crabmeat inside which was fluffier and softer encased in the delicious crispy shell!
Sharks fin dumpling in soup:

I was surprised by this as well because I found crabmeat in it too, but the soup was a bit heavy for my liking however they have red vinegar which balances it out.
Beef and parsley balls:

If they are consistent, these beef balls are delicious because the parsley was fragrant and they put lots into it.
fried squid rings:

These squid rings were addictive because they were chunky, soft and the coating was thin and delicious.
I loved the soft fatty texture of each squid ring complemented by the light crispy batter.
Vegetarian rice rolls:

Another genius dish of rice rolls because they were filled with crunchy vietnamese rolls with a crisp netting and juicy pieces of white carrot and waterchestnuts inside complemented by the fragrant parsley leaves on the outside.
Roast pork buns:

If these buns could be consistent, again they taste the best because the bun was really fluffy and soft without being dry.
The roast pork filling inside was delicious and not fatty.
Usually expats and I hate these roast pork buns because they just taste sweet but here you can actually taste the roast pork and the fluffy bun was not that sweet as well.
Anyway, I love this place for dim sum and I don't get bored of it.
If you google this place, it comes up with the best place for dim sum in expat forums but it hasn't been nominated for anything yet.
Price: $198 per person
Service: great
Yummy factor: great
Toilets: yes
Glass of water provided: tea is provided
English Menu: Yes
Air Conditioning: Yes

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