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Robatayaki delights from Enmaru Izakaya

Enmaru Izakaya has newly opened at Times Square and I was invited to check it out.

At the entrance, it clearly themes itself with fire and Robatayaki because the logo is roaring with live digital fire.

Robatayaki or robata originates from Japan which means cooking by the fire where food is put on skewers and slow-grilled.
At Enmaru Izakaya, there is a huge robatayaki counter at the centre of the restaurant where everyone can watch.

They use vertical grilling in which not only juice and freshness of the meat are perfectly retained, but also smoke generated by meat juice dripped on charcoal can be avoided.

Here is Kinki fish being grilled and it reminds me of text books with Eskimos cooking their food by the fire.

We tried signiature dishes at Enmaru Izakaya and here was what we tried.
Hokkaido Kinki Price: $888:

According to the restaurant, it is jet fresh from Japan. Hokkaido Kinki is a precious fish from the deep sea.
Using their grilling technique, it keeps the distinctive freshness and delicate taste of Kinki keeping the fish meat delicate and moist.
After trying it, the fish meat was soft inside and it was much moister than expected and the fish skin was lovely and crisp flavoured by the salt that was rubbed on it.
ENMARU's Signature Simmered Beef Offal with Garlic Bread Price: $72:

A classic dish proudly presented by ENMARU. Top-ranked beef offal and rib finger are simmered in a long-boiled rich flavored sauce.
It was interestingly paired with garlic toast to dip in this lovely rich sauce.
The rib meat was lovely and sauce and the offal taste was not that strong but can be fatty.
Homemade Potato Salad with Salted Squid: $42

Homemade salad created by combining Hokkaido’s buttered potato with Izayaki’s well-known salted squid. The salad is stored in an air-tight glass container and sealed with an ENMARU sticker.
I love spuds, so clearly I was going to like this, after mixing the squid it gives it some extra saltiness.
Add the squid accordingly for the required saltiness.
Homemade Tofu in Wooden Bucket $72:
To make this handmade tofu, organic soya milk was imported from Kyoto.
The hot and fresh tofu is contained in a traditional wooden bucket that is immediately served to customers giving that wow factor.

To accompany the tofu, there are some condiments.

Tried the tofu without the condiments and it was creamy with a strong soya bean taste.
After adding the salt, it enhanced it even more because the salt they serve has this umani taste as well.
Sweet Potato in Cream Honey Sauce $45:

These Kagoshima sweet potatoes were carefully grilled with bichotan retaining the natural sweetness and tenderness.
It was topped with ENMARU’s homemade cream honey sauce.
These sweet potatoes were divine because the cream was thick and fragrant with a reminiscence of clotted cream.
ENMARU Original Ramen Price: $78:

Ramen in white chicken soup prepared in Japan with a large amount of chicken bones, chicken feet and pork bones. After an eight hour long-boiling process, the soup is frozen and transported to Hong Kong by air, providing diners with the finest genuine taste from Tokyo Japan.
The noodles were impeccable as well and it was surprising to get a good quality ramen from a robatayki restaurant.
The price is affordable too.
Roasted Rib Eye Sushi Price: $98:
At first I did not know it was sushi because it looked like a big slice of thinly sliced beef.
It was a thin slice of premium Wagyu rib eye steak that is skillfully roasted and laid on sushi rice.

This is delight to beef lovers, a big slice of beef wrapped around the rice and eaten in one go!
GARIGARI-KUN Shochu Soda Price: $48/glass:

A Classic Japanese ice lolly is added to shochu soda creating a playful drink that reminds every Japanese of their childhood.
If your lucky the lolly stick may be printed with a complementary drink, so be sure to check it!
ENMARU Roll Price: $198:

The presentation of this was stunning, it was served on the longest plate you could possibly find and you need a long table for this!!
The sushi rolls was fresh paired with creamy foamed sauce.

For sake lovers, there is huge variety of sake served here.
When diners enter the restaurant, there is a huge display of sake bottles at the entrance.
Green tea milk pudding:

A creamy and smooth milk pudding topped with light green tea sauce on top.

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