Monday, March 10, 2014

Happy Hong Kong Day, Happy day in Hong Kong

After reading KC's review, tried the dishes he tried.

My last visit at Hong Kong Day was at the Peak for chicken steak and spring onion sauce.
I attempted to dine at the Tseung Kwan O branch because they were serving some fancy dinner in a rice cooker but the promotion was off when I got there.

The new branch at Shatin was nice and spacious, it was modernly decorated.

There are three recommended items here:
Volcanic Sukiyaki, Shrimp wonton with noodles in soup and Hong Kong day milk tea which we tried.

Almost every table was having the suyiyaki.
Hong Kong day milk tea:
The tea came in a classic Hong Kong style cup.

It had all the signature smells and tastes that Hong Kong tea should have, you could smell the condensed milk that they put in it.
Volcanic Sukiyaki:
Eating the Sukiyaki was fun, there are instructions on the corner of the table if you get stuck.

There are two version of sukiyaki served with udon:
-pork volcanic sukiyaki
-American beef volcanic sukiyaki

Both are presented like volcanoes hence the name Volcano sukiyaki.

When your ready, they will turn on the gas.

Step 1: wait for the broth to start bubbling, gently unwind the pieces of meat and put it in the broth as if it were bubbling in molten lava!!!
Step 2: after the meat is cooked, stir in the pile of vegetables and it is ready to eat.

Step 3: after eating the meat and vegetables, you can now put the udon in to cook.

I loved eating this because the sukiyaki broth was sweet and rich and the vegetables blanched in the broth had a sweet and crisp crunch.
The udon was flavoured nicely by the broth and the texture of this udon was really nice and not too elastic.
Personally I preferred the pork because it was lean and fresh, but the beef was good too because it was American beef which is the beef that I like.
Wonton noodles:
I love wonton noodles and you can enjoy them comfortably here without needing to share tables with others and in a clean environment.

Each strand of noodles was soft and distinct flavoured by the broth.
Beneath the noodles were tasty wontons that were springy and fresh with lean pork and prawns.

There were quite a few tastes in the broth too with some bitterness and sweetness.
It was fun dining at Hong Kong Day because they present their dishes in an entertaining way and the price is affordable.
The best thing is that you order from your seats and the food is brought over and then you pay your bill at the counter when you leave.

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