Thursday, March 13, 2014

Disappointing dinner sets at V Cuisine

After reading reviews on this place I had high expectations because the dim sums looked good.
The decor was quite nice but the surroundings were unbearable because the people dining there were so noisy and I don't understand why people gather there if the food is not good and why people don't mind having shouting contests that strain their voices and ending up with a hoarse voice at the end of the meal.

It was probably better choosing a la carte or dim sum because the items on the set menu were effortless to cook.

The crab claws were just springy and salty, it was rubbish compared to Dragon I's crab claw which had real crabmeat in it.

The soup was pathetic, it was just cornflour, water and soy sauce sauce with left over pieces of chicken.

I don't eat red bean dessert but the colour was just awful and weird.

The roast suckling pig was extremely fat and tasteless.

The chopsticks were difficult to use.

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