Monday, March 17, 2014

豆花妹撈米線 You've got my support!

To be honest, I never eat Yunnan vermicelli because it is chewy just like plastic!
I was so curious to see if it was plastic that I burned a strand of uncooked yunnan vermicelli to see what would happen.
Instead of burning, it melted which seemed abnormal.

Anyway, I had no expectations for these noodles, and I purposely did not watch the show to get a surprise.

All I knew was that the noodles were going have silky tofu in it which reminded me of this restaurant called 普洱 which is famous in Tsuen Wan.
Before 普洱 got famous, they used to have a branch near the petrol station on Castle peak road near Lai chi Kok/Cheung Sha Wan.
I used to love their chocolate tea milkshakes and other drinks.

At 普洱, they also serve noodles with silky tofu and my favourite was 涼拌蕎麥麪 and 涼拌通心米線 which was Chinese buccatini.

Anyway, at this joint it is brightly decorated in baby blue with a cute girly logo.
It is opened by two young guys who got funding from a local TV show similar show to Dragons Den.

The joint is on the corner of the road near Garden Bakery and McDonalds.

Basically they currently have three types of noodles:
original, Beef noodles flavoured with coke and lemonade and ox tail noodles.

Tried the original and the ox tail noodles.

Original noodles with tofu:

Compared to the one at 普洱, I liked this one more because there was no soup.
Hence the noodles are tastier mixed in their signature sauce.

The texture of the Yunnan noodles were much nicer too because it wasn't artifical.
All in all, I loved it because the sauce was great and the noodles were great.
The sauce had a lot going on, you could taste almost every element without over powering each other such as sweetness, spiciness, saltiness and the numbness from the Sichuan peppercorns which were extremely fragrant.
There were so many ingredients in the sauce such as coriander, spring onion, peanuts and pigs skin.
The noodles were definitely successful because the noodles adhered the sauce and the silky tofu in it makes everything silkier just like raw egg cracked into noodles.
I don't know what brand of Yunnan noodles they used but I liked it because it was slightly translucent, foamy and springy and the texture was natrual because I can swallow it knowing that I can digest it.
Ox tail noodles:

The ox tails were cooked in a Western way so the noodles and the ox tail tasted similar to spaghetti bolognaise but with Yunnan noodles instead.
I loved the variety because you can add toppings to the noodles for $5.
Unfortunately due to their small kitchen, they can only serve four choices every week so you will have to keep checking their facebook to see their latest toppings.

There were quite a few choices which I want to try.
-black fungas and olives
-chicken wings in red beancurd sauce
-rich tasting blood curds
-beef tripe in aromatic spices
-velvet pigs liver
-chilled chicken in huadiao wine
-fragrant pig tails
-grilled yunnan tofus
-cherry tomatoes in champagne.

When I tried their noodles, all I felt was that the portion was small which was good because the trend in Sham Shui Po is to not get full and try other food stalls too.
It only costs $15 which was really affordable.

After watching the programme, it was consistent with my feelings because they tried to convey their message as an affordable snack that people would be curious to try which I felt too.
They are targetting a profit of $700 per day and they hope to make it even more affordable if more people go there to eat.

I am looking forward to Easter because they will have Quail eggs and other interesting items cooked with fizzy drinks.

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