Sunday, March 02, 2014

Let's duck to Cheung Chau for French crepes

Saw this shop listed on OpenRice and the name 食duck啦 Omyduck was really catchy so I googled it and found out that they did French crepes so I went to Cheung Chau especially for them.

Their logo is really nice too with a duck wearing a French beret with a curly moustache and blue striped t-shirt.

It is located near the pier which was great.

There was a French guy wearing a classic French beret making crepes with fresh bananas, sauces laid at the front of the stall.

The menu was simple, there were savoury galettes and sweet crepes.

The savoury crepes were made with buckwheat served crispy with savoury fillings, there was a choice of:
omyduck (duck confit, rocket salad, homemade dressing)
La complete (ham, French cheese and egg)
smoked salmon (smoked salmon, fresh cream, fresh cheese)

For sweet crepes, there was a choice of:
Butter and sugar
lemon and sugar
nutella chocolate
mango, strawberry or cherry
nutella and banana
grand marnier

Anyway ordered the omyduck because of the duck confit.

Basically he puts the galette mixture on the galette maker.

Then he put some cheese on my galette for some reason but it does not say there was cheese in the one I ordered.

Then he put my favourite dijon mustard.

On the other galette iron, he heats up the duck.

I didn't spot him put any rocket salad in it as stated on the menu and the galette was ready.

Anyway, it was really nice of him to slice it for me because there is no seating. If it wasn't sliced it would be hard to eat the crepe with a plastic fork standing up without a knife.


It was nicely sliced into bite sized pieces which made it easier to enjoy.

The crepe was fantastic because it was crispy and the filling was delicious with the mustard which enhanced the duck with some extra saltiness and tanginess in taste while the cheese held it together when it melted.
For improvements, the duck could have been softer and shredded into smaller chunks so that it could be uniformly distributed in the crepe.
Lemon and sugar crepe:

When he made it, he squeezed quite a fair bit of lemon into the crepe.
Anyway, I loved the texture of the crepe because it was soft and elastic.
He also put quite a fair bit of butter in it too which made me think "merde" in my head because I don't like butter but overall it was so delicious because it was really lemoney and not too sweet and the butter helped to give it that extra grease so that it wasnt too dry.

As a summary, I really loved the crepes and I hope the standards remain the same.
I super regretted not getting the other salmon one too because not many places do salmon crepes and the price of these savoury crepes were a bargain, but Cheung Chau is annoyingly far and getting in and out of CC is rather troublesome !

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