Monday, March 03, 2014

Amina to thrive in Causeway Bay

Amina² Cuisine (Causeway Bay)

Thanks to Mjqueen7e for inviting me to this dinner at Amina² Cuisine.

It is located in Causeway Bay which is great for people on the Hong Kong side.

Here was what we tried that night:

Light pan fried scallop with wasabi foam

Tender thin slices of scallop delicately flavoured with light wasabi foam
Special tomato consomme, mozzarella with balsamic vinegar

Mozzarella is always my favourite and it was paired nicely with pieces of tomato consomme jelly and refreshing balsamic vinegar.
Roast marinated tuna and red pepper marinade

The tuna was delicious because it was heavily coated with black pepper.
Avocado, melon salmorejo with crispy parma ham

I loved this cold soup because it had a rich melon taste that had a hint of sweetness which went perfect with the crispy pieces of parma ham.
Pan fried foie gras, green Apple marinade with spiced foam

The foie gras was refreshingly matched with green apple marinade and milky spiced foam.
Baked Portobello mushroom with common morel risotto

I found the risotto rather and heavy and creamy for my liking.
Roast cod fish, cream sauce ink pasta and truffle foam

The cod was delicate and flakey but I found the pasta a bit heavy as well.
Pan fried tiger prawn , bacon sun dried tomato cheese cannelloni with spicy tomato coulis

The prawns were meaty and I loved the cheese cannelloni paired rightfully with tangy tomato couli.
M6 kobe beef, beet root mash, with wild vegetable, gravy sauce and Himalayan rose salt

The beef was actually the best.
I liked the colourful vegetables and the thinly sliced lean beef which was enhanced by the salt.
Chocolate mousse with grand marnier

The chocolate mousse was really rich and the grand marnier balanced it out, however the grand marnier was rather strong.

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