Tuesday, March 18, 2014

On board the USS Blue Ridge LCC 19

I was so chuffed to be invited to go on board the USS Blue Ridge LCC 19!!!

It was a once in a lifetime visit that could not be missed.
We had to get to Fenwick pier at 8am in the morning which was difficult but I managed it because I just couldn't miss this experience.

It was a lovely day that day and the temperature was just right for me.

We took a boat from Fenwick pier to the USS Blue Ridge.
It was exciting seeing the vast ship from the distance.
Our boat docked and we were welcomed by these handsome guys!!
After boarding the ship, we were given a really cool pass.
There is a reception to greet guests too.

There were lots of passages and stairs on board the ship and the vessel itself was incredibly stationary too!
They showed us the kitchen and dining area which had all my favourite snacks and high calorie foods such as cheese and ham toast, fried eggs etc.

We got shown the top deck too which had two helicopters.

More information about U.S agricultural products:
Hong Kong is the 6th largest market for U.S. exports of agricultural products, and is the 4th largest market for U.S. exports of high value consumer-oriented food products!

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