Monday, March 03, 2014

Lucky students at HKU

I was quite surprised that at HKU they had a Vegetarian restaurant because most educational facilities don't have one.
In London, I was expecting universities in East London to have Halal restaurants to cater for Muslims but there wasn't.

At Bijas Vegetarian Restaurant, they have self service lunches which are priced by weight similar to Harvester.
Rice and soup are unlimited.

We arrived there quite late so missed out on the potato and olives.
My lunch:

Here was what I picked.
My favourite was the bun because it had tasty salted vegetables in it.

The rest of the food was ok but not hot enough.
mushroom noodles in buk kut teh broth:

These noodles were made with shiitake mushrooms which was interesting but I found the broth rather bland and couldn't taste the buk kut teh.
Bijas Vegetarian Restaurant (Pok Fu Lam)
Price: $6X
Service: OK
Yummy factor: ok
Napkins provided: yes
Noise levels: None
Glass of water provided: yes
English Menu: Yes

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