Friday, March 21, 2014

New dishes at Koon Thai Cuisine

Under the BKT group, there are two Thai restaurants: Koon Thai and Bangkok Thai.

Koon Thai targets the younger generation while Bangkok Thai offers a nice dining environment.

Anyway, this branch is located really close to Yau Ma Tei's MTR exit C, so you can get away from the dining crowds at Mong Kok whilst still being a few minutes away.

Tom Yum Kung with young coconut (NEW):

It was quite cool having Tom Yum Kung served in a young coconut.
As well as the usual items you find in Tom Yum Kung, there were lots of young coconut meat in it too which complements the refreshing soup with some sweetness.
I liked the TYK soup because the lemongrass was not too overpowering while there was a strong appetizing tomato taste.
Fried grey mullet with grapefruit (NEW):

This was everyone's favourite because the fish was so crispy and the bones were edible and it was coated in a zesty zingy sauce with lots of shallots, Thai spices and huge chunks of sweet and juicy Thai grapefruit.
Prawn sashimi with garlic and chili sauce $98:

I don't normally order this but the prawns were springy complemented by the super hot chili sauce, so don't dip too much.
Stir fried baby cabbage $75:

As well as the usual Thai fare, stir fried baby cabbages is a simple dish to balance out the meaty meal.
Koon Thai Yellow Curry with Beef Flank Stew $82:

The yellow curry was versatile with a sweet but non spicy taste and the beef flanks were soft.
Roti Paratha $33:

The roti paratha was done nicely because it was light and not greasy.
Fried Rice in Chili Paste with Prawn $82:

I was quite surprised by the fried rice because it is not as spicy as it sounds.
I loved it because it was heavily fragranced by Thai basil even though the name suggests it should be chili flavoured.
Eggplant & Scallop cooked with Thai Basil (NEW):

The eggplant and scallops would definitely go well with rice but for improvements I would prefer the eggplant to be sliced before serving.
Sticky Rice with Mango and Coconut Milk $55:

I don't eat mango
Thai dessert platter:
Thousand layer pudding with coconut milk
Sago cake with coconut milk
Coconut agar jelly

A nice refreshing platter to end the meal especially the coconut agar jelly.
Young coconut $38
They are currently doing a buy 1 get 1 free promotion.

I had my favourite young coconut drink which is just natrual coconut water.
Restaurant: Koon Thai Cuisine
1/F, Casa Deluxe Hotel, 483-485A Nathan Road, Yau Ma Tei

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