Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Love bites with the apple of love

Jam Bakery (North Point)

According to my reviews, it has been four years since I last visited Jam Bakery.

They used to be located in Tai Hang and closed down for a while until they reopened here recently.

Jam Bakery is on the corner and the shop is quite see through.

This branch is much bigger than the previous place with a cake cabinet, cookie shelf and a reasonable dining area.

I decided to go to Jam Bakery because of the apple cheesecake which is also being sold at Sogo branded with Hello Kitty.

There was a green one and a red one.

To be honest, the green one was not appealing because the shade of green looked a bit like gunge and slime so I got the red.

Apple Cheesecake (RED):
I do not like the colour red, but red was more appealing than green in this case.
The apple looked so realistic I was tempted to bite it just like can apple, but in the end I dug in with a fork.

As a cheesecake, it tasted nothing like a cheesecake, but it was delicious if you treat it as a apple cream cake.
Fresh apple and cream with light sponge cake in the middle that was not too sweet with a hint of cinammon.
However it was weird it had raisins in it.

Apple Cheesecake (GREEN):
Came here again for the cheesecake because it was really nice.
The service was much better this time because this time I got a glass of water.

The green one had an extra piece of chocolate on top which was not there before shown on the first photo.
According to the earlier reviews, both the red and green should have a piece of chocolate on top.

I was expecting the RED and GREEN to taste the same, but as you can see there is much more apple filling in it.
The green one was much sweeter too, so in conclusion, I prefer the red one that I tried before.
As well as the cakes, I was hoping to try Froyo because they had a unique cactus topping that you could choose.

Previous visit:

Price: $42
Service: OK
Yummy factor: not consistent
Napkins provided: yes
Glass of water provided: not on first visit
English Menu: Yes

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