Monday, March 31, 2014

Super mini macarons

Had time before a tasting so decided to eat something.
I was going to visit Waffill again to try the new savoury burger waffle but this new branch of Dolci was closer so came here instead.

On one side, there is a cake counter.

On the other side, there is a gelato counter.

There is a nice sitting area too.

There is a menu so you can order from the table.

Super mini macarons:
At the gelato counter, I discovered so many new toppings that you add for an extra $5!!
There were mini meringues, cake bits, but my favourite had to be the super mini macarons which I have always adored on the nocciola (triple hazelnut crunchy cake).

Each macaron is so cute and uniformly shaped!!!
Pistachio gelato with super mini macarons:
Chose the pistachio gelato because it was my favourite with the mini macarons as extra toppings!!

Just too cute to eat!
Anyway the mini macarons were lovely and crispy because they have sachets of desiccant in the jar to keep them lovely and dry.
As for the gelato, it was smooth and thick with a gorgeous sticky texture to it just like Turkish icecream.
The pistachio taste was natrual and the sweetness was just right.
Hazelnut gelato:

Compared to the pistachio, the taste was slightly sweeter but nutty and natrual.
2/3 Dolci Tè Piazza
Shop 124, 
1/F, Lee Gardens Two, 
28 Yun Ping Road, Causeway Bay

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