Monday, March 24, 2014

Having tea in a bookstore

According to the previous reviews, the food and drinks were not really worth trying but the place is worth visiting so I went there for tea.

Books & Co. is a second hand bookshop where you can read the books there or buy them.

Video of the place:

Two interesting books I found.

The drinks were not that impressive but fairly cheap.
Lychee red tea:

Tried this because it was red tea with lychee flavour.
When it came, I could barely smell or taste the lychee.
It just tasted like ordinary Chinese tea.
Name: Books & Co.
Address: G/F, 10 Park Road, Mid-Levels
Price: $28
Service: OK
Service charge: no
Noise levels: None
Toilets: Busted
Glass of water provided: yes
English Menu: Yes
Air Conditioning: Yes

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