Sunday, March 02, 2014

Glad I dined at Laurel

It was the last day in Macau and I had a budget of MOP$8XX left.

Originally planned to dine at Gusto but it would mean I would still have quite a lot of cash left because the portions there are rather big.
Stumbled upon Laurel which is near the entrance of the Galaxy hotel.

Browsed the menu and the items looked luxurious so decided to dine there.
They were expensive you could only order a few dishes.

The decor and ambiance was grand just like a palace.

I loved the chandeliers and twinkling lights on the blue ceiling.

There is a nice little bridge to the other side of the restaurant too.

Before you order, there are a few compulsory charges:

-chili sauce

All these charges are clearly stated on the ordering form.

I wanted to order the silkie chicken soup but it was sold out so ordered this other soup.
One of the soups cost $420 per person!!
Prawn dumplings:

The prawn dumplings were a little disappointing because there was nothing amazing about them.
They tasted like the average prawn dumpling in Hong Kong.
Double boiled chicken with American ginseng and Chinese herbs:

The soup was amazing, it was strongly flavoured with chicken and really sweet that you could not taste the bitterness of the American ginseng. There was so much dried scallops in it as well and the taste of the soup had a concentrated taste which made is rich.
Braised crab with garlic and vermicelli in a pot:

This is a must eat item because there was so much garlic and spring onions in every strand of vermicelli which gave it a refreshing crunch and flavouring.
Each noodle was nicely tossed and it was glistening with a lovely golden colour yet it was not oily.
Braised sea cucumber and ducks feet:

This dish tasted how it should but it did not give me any surprises.
It should have been served earlier or later when there were no other dishes because by the time I got to this dish it was just warm and did not taste as good as it should when it was hot.
If I had read the reviews, I would have ordered the pork trotters pot instead of the prawn dumplings and sea cucumber.
Laurel Chinese Restaurant,
Galaxy Casinos and Hotel Complex
Macau SAR of China

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