Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Tornado potato skewers whizzing in cheung chau

As soon as you arrive at Cheung Chau Island you will see people holding sticks of Tornado potato skewers / spiral potato skewers.

Basically, they are whole potatoes cut into a spiral and put on a skewer and fried.
I tried this place because they were fried to order and the skewers coming from this joint were not that brown because most Hong Kong people like to deep fried their snacks to a brown colour.

I would have ordered the frozen fruits on a stick but they were sold out.

The tornado potato skewers cost $27 a la carte or you can get it with drinks or fried icecream for $30.

After ordering, she takes a potato and puts it on a skewer and spreads it out on the stick.

Then she puts it in the fryer.

When it is ready, you can eat it unseasoned or you can season it with powders on the table.

There are eight seasonings to choose from:

Chicken and lemongrass
Sichuan seasoning
Spice salt

Anyway, I liked mine plain so that I could taste the potato.
It tasted like freshly fried unsalted crisps and parts of it were soft as well which is why I liked it to be gently fried.

Basically it was one of those been there, tried that experiences.
潮食坊 (Cheung Chau)
Price: $30
Service: OK
Yummy factor: ok

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