Saturday, March 29, 2014

Upcoming dishes at Mackie Kitchen

Thanks to Martin for tagging me along to this preview of new dishes at Mackie Kitchen.

Pan-Fried Scallops with Grapefruit Salad with Citrus vinaigrette sauce

A light and refreshing starter which was complemented by juicy ruby red grapefruit.
It was nice and appetizing.
Crab Meat au Gratin

This was crab meat on top of baked filo pastry topped with crab roes.
The crab was quite creamy because it was mixed with cream and finely chopped onions.
Cream of Black Truffle soup

The soup lives up to it name because it was really creamy and there was generous black truffle paste which gave it a strong taste.
Linguine with Seafood sauce and Baked Boston Lobster

The linguine was al-dente and rich, but the saltiness could have been reduced.
As for the lobster, it could have been cooked longer because there was green/blue cast on the edges of the shell which suggests that it not cooked because it should be orange and hard if it was cooked.
The texture of the lobster was too soft and watery which suggests that it should be cooked for a longer time because the texture should be springy.
Crab Risotto with Black Truffle

The risotto was great for sharing, it was lovely and creamy enhanced by the black truffle.
However it was similar to the crab meat au gratin while the truffle made it similar to the soup because it was quite creamy.
Mandarin sorbet:

This was sweet and cooling.
Caramel parfait:

This was delicious frozen whipped cream drizzled in caramel sauce and covered with crunchy caramel pieces.
To finish off, there were a choice of organic teas: blackcurrant, oolong, roselle and plum or genmai tea.

I tried the blackcurrant which was really fragrant and acidic that helped digestion.

Overall the dishes were good but if it was a set dinner, I would prefer more contrasting dishes to contrast the meal.
Mackie Kitchen
G/F, 9 Caroline Hill Road, Causeway Bay

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