Saturday, March 22, 2014

Cucumber and aloe vera milk drink

Had a tasting at 豆花妹撈米線 so while I was milling about at SSP station I took a quick look at the drinks at Hung Fook Tong!
This time I was lured again by their drinks.
The drinks that I tried before were quite nice such as the grapefruit and guava.

Anyway, this time I had the cucumber and aloe vera!
To be honest, the concoction of aloe vera, cucumber and the colour reminds you of face lotions and cleansers!!

Cucumber and aloe vera drink:

I was expecting the colour of this drink to be cloudy and transparent but weirdly they put milk into it.

I could understand why they added milk because the blended cucumber skin would look ugly in the drink.
Surprisingly the drink was really nice and soothing and the milk took away the grassy taste of the cucumber.
Regrettably I should have drank this after the tasting at 豆花妹撈米線 because it goes really well with the spices and exciting tastes of those noodles just like pairing soy milk with Shanghai/Sichuan dishes.

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