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goo goo gaa gaa ! My first baby food review

I have always wanted to try this one and only restaurant in Hong Kong that serves food for babies.

However this restaurant is in Shatin where the mtr does not go but since I had a tasting in Shatin I decided to kill two birds with one stone.
Initially I was iffy about going to a tasting at Pxxxx Dexxxxx because Shatin does my head in and it is always packed with people but then it was a new year thing so i went.

Anyway, this is my first official review on OpenRice for baby food because this is the only restaurant that is listed which serves it.
I have tried other baby food brands and the Japanese brands taste much better than Western brands.

To be honest, I love baby foods because I can vaguely remember how it tastes back then and my tastebuds were not fully developed then.

There are more exciting flavours now than before, so why not try it!
Perhaps one day, you can get Premium baby food flavoured with truffle!

I was expecting the Baby Restaurant to be closed because on openrice it is listed as opening from 11am-4pm.

Since I was curious I went there and I was really lucky it was still open.

Near the entrance there is a list of baby meals.

It costs around $29-$35 per meal which is about the same as adult meals.

The meals are classified in a few categories:
5-6 months
7-8 months
12 months
12+ months

I decided that $35 was a bit expensive for a baby meal so I chose the $29 one.
After you order, you are given a ticket to pay at the counter outside which takes FOREVER!~!

I couldn't understand what the hell was taking them so long!

After I paid I passed the receipt back to the woman, and it took a while to get served because she was looking for the baby and I tried bashfully to explain to her that I was ordering it for fun with weird mothers looking at me!!

At first I did not know what the square cavities on the table were for.

But then I realized they were for the babies.

They basically have pouches of baby food and heat them up when people order them.

As well as baby food, there is a difference in baby languages.

Western Baby Language: goo goo ga ga
Chinese baby Language: Don't know!

Western dog bark: woof woof
Chinese dog bark: woa woa

Anyway, tried the Set meal C which has sweetcorn soup, congee with fish and milk pudding:

Sweetcorn soup:

Congee with fish:
goo goo
goo goo ga ga
ADULT review:
Sweetcorn soup:
I didn't like it because it lacked sweetcorn taste and the taste was too milky.
The temperature was cold as well.
Congee with fish:
This was delicious and it had tiny silver fishes in the congee.
You could taste the food and congee without the taste being too bland or salty.
The texture was really smooth and silky and the sweetness was just right.
After trying it, I wanted to order another one but sadly it was 7pm already and they were closed.
I really regretted not ordering this one as well.
Those rice balls look really cute.

Perhaps baby food could be fed to the elderly or people who have swallowing difficulties because congee is tasteless to them.
The baby food pouches come in so many other tasty options such as udon and other heavy meals made into baby form.

Baby Restaurant (Sha Tin)

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